History in the making as USA flagged raised in Cuba at reopened US Embassy

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The American and Cuban flags were raised again at the reopened US Embassy in Havana today. It marks the first time since 1961 the Embassy has opened its' doors and signifies the improving diplomatic relations between the two states.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was on hand at the ceremony and proclaimed "We are gathered here because our leaders made a courageous decision to stop being prisoners of history." Kerry added "It doesn't take a GPS to realize that the road of mutual isolation and estrangement that the United States and Cuba were traveling is not the right one and that the time has come for us to move in a more promising direction"

The flag raising ceremony was made extra special after 3 of the marines who were involved in lowering the American flag 54 years ago in a hostile environment were present. Mike East, Larry Morris and Jim Tracy were on hand to witness it being raised again today in more positive times.

Relations have steadily improved between the United States and Cuba over the past year with President Obama and President Castro engaging in productive talks. Kerry acknowledged their contributions saying "I applaud President Obama and President Castro for having the courage to bring us together in the face of considerable opposition."

The Cuban Embassy in Washington reopened in Washington DC last month. However, despite the relaxation of certain trade restrictions by the US the 1960 trade embargo remains in place, something which former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has spoken out strongly against.

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