Hot Summer to continue with temperatures warmer than Rio de Janeiro

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Get your sunscreen ready folks because the UK is set for a scorching week which means the hottest day of the year could be upon us. The mercury is expected to register at 27 degrees celsius on Wednesday which will mark the highlight of a fine period.

This month has been pretty good to us and it is set to become the second hottest June since records began. July looks like it will start in stunning fashion too as today and tomorrow will be pleasantly warm in most areas with temperatures between 23 and 25 degrees celsius.

Leon Brown from the Weather Channel has shared his predictions for the rest of the summer saying "We expect July to September temperatures to be slightly warmer than average. High pressure will ridge and help steer the jet stream and low pressure to the north of the UK, with high pressure peaking later in July when temperatures topping 30C are possible."

There were heavy downpours over the weekend around the country as those who were at Glastonbury could definitely attest to. But the forecast is good for this week and the rain is not expected to return again until the weekend. If Wednesday does hit 27 degrees then it will mean that we will experience temperatures that are warmer than those in Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup are enjoying.

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