How to know if your cat loves you

You might think that cats are not as gregarious compared to their canine counterparts. But, that does not mean that they are less affectionate or loving. If you look closely, you will see that your kitty friend loves you as much you do. Read through the obvious and less evident signs to know if your pet loves you.

How cats show their love

It's not true that cats are not able to show their affection and love to their owners. Scientists also say that these feline animals are not able to show their emotions at all.

On the contrary, there are several ways that these creatures can display their love for their owners. Some signs are obvious whilst others are more subtle requiring you to look closer.

  • Tails up
  • One of the obvious signs that your cat is comfortable around you is that its tail is up and flips it around. We are not talking here of a frantic wagging like a dog does. Nonetheless, it shows that your cat thinks you're cool.

  • Gifts
  • When your friend makes a kill, it usually brings it to you and deposits it at your feet. You might want to scream and could not even bring yourself to look at this offering, but it's really a present from your cat to show its affection for you.

  • Following you around
  • Your cat will also follow you around the house, sit next to you on the couch or even join you in bed. It will rub itself against your leg when you are standing and might even head butt you. These are surely signs that it likes you, a lot.

  • Eye contact
  • Cats make furtive glances, but look closely. They can also make eye contact, however briefly. Blink once back to return the message.

  • Purring
  • Everyone knows that a contented cat purrs. Hence, when your feline pals do this, it is a sign that it is happy in its surroundings.

  • Bellies up
  • Cats do not just randomly show their tummies. But, when they do, it means that they are secure and do not feel threatened. They also want you to rub those bellies showing that they trust and love you.

    Affectionate gestures

    There are other adorable things that your tabby cat actually does for you to show its love and fondness. It might put up its paw, lick you, kiss or sit on your head. True cat love is there. You just have to look for the less obvious if you are in doubt.

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