How to know if your dog loves you

If you are wondering how you can tell if your dog loves you, we enumerate several ways you can detect that affection. As pet owners, it is normal that we wonder if our love and devotion are returned by our furry friends.

The signs

Sure, it would have been easier if our dogs can speak up and tell us that they love us, very much. But the truth is, they cannot speak and can only bark and wag their details when they communicate. These actions can actually tell us something whether they are annoyed, happy or sad. Here are certain things that you should watch out for, to know if your dog loves you or not.

  • He/she is excited to see you
  • When you come home and your dog starts jumping up and down, wags his tail then he is definitely glad to see you.

  • Perks ears
  • Pets that perk their ears whenever they hear their owners' voices indicate affection for that person. This means that your dog knows your voice and listens to it attentively.

  • Cuddles up whenever there is a chance
  • Your pet is also likely to grab every chance it can get to stay close to you whether you are sitting down in front of the TV or relaxing in a sundeck chair outside your house.

  • Looks at you
  • Eye contact is important for your pet. If you are observant, your dog will likely make eye contact. According to Brian Hare, a dog expert, your dog is hugging you with their eyes when he looks at you.

    Other clues

    Another sign that indicates your dog loves you is eyebrow movement. It's all about facial expressions. In fact, this is a subject area that has been extensively studied in Japan through experiments. Dogs lifted their eyebrows to the left if they see something that is not familiar and shifted to the right if it is something they approved of such as their master or a favourite toy.

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