Hustler Club UK offers Pippa Middleton 100,000 grand to become honorary Hustler Honey

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Pippa Middleton needn't worry about ever giving up her day job after it has emerged that Hustler have made an indecent proposal of £100,000 for her to come a Hustler Honey at one of the company's UK club. The offer has outraged many public representatives including Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell.

A letter on the Hustler website outlined the offer in a post reading "We at Larry Flynt’s world famous Hustler Club cordially invite you to become an honorary member of the Hustler Honeys. We sincerely hope you will honour the club by accepting its invitation. If this should become a reality, I hope very much that you would accept our offer of £100,000 in addition to the gratuities afforded to our top-tier entertainers."

The letter was written by the club's Social Media and Marketing Executive Lily Carousel. Carousel even ended the letter with a presumptuous note saying "Thanking you for an early, and I trust, favourable reply." However, the letter made clear that Pippa would not be made to entertain anyone from the main stage but rather she would be allowed to "focus solely on entertaining your guests in our luxurious private VIP rooms".

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell has had his say on the matter and needless to say he was not best pleased about the proposition. Rosined said "Anyone close to the royal family should be above that kind of thing. I think it’s pretty gutter stuff really. It’s disrespectful and is the sort of thing that would turn most people off his clubs."

The post script of the letter goes on to suggest that should Pippa decline the huge financial offer to strip in front of club goers that she would always be welcome to have her hen party at the club with no hard feelings. It read "In the inevitable event that you get engaged, we'd very much like to host a private hen party for you and your guests."

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