Inquest confirms Peaches Geldof died of heroin overdose

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An inquest into the death of Peaches Geldof has confirmed that the cause of her death was a heroin overdose. Coroner Roger Hatch regretfully expressed that her death would be recorded as "drug related" after pathologist Peter Jerreat said heroin traces found in her blood had fallen in the "fatal range".

25 year old Geldof was found dead at her family home in Kent on April 7th this year while her husband Tom Cohen was away for the weekend. Cohen had tried reaching Peaches by phone on a number of occasions before arriving home to find her slumped over a bed.

When Peaches was just 11 years old her mother Paula Yates died of a heroin overdose aged 41. Geldof tweeted an old family picture of her with Yates only a matter of hours before her death but the inquest has revealed that there was no indication she was planning to complete suicide. The inquest revealed that Peaches had ceased taking heroin after treatment but her husband said that she had stared using again in February after a long hiatus.

Hatch added "It's said that the death of Peaches Geldof is history repeating itself but this not entirely so. By November last year she had ceased to take heroin as a result of the considerable treatment and counselling that she had received. This was a significant achievement for her but for reasons we will never know prior to her death she returned to taking heroin."

Peaches' father Bob Geldof just recently opened up on how the pain he feels over the loss of his daughter is "intolerable". Geldof spoke to Lorraine Kelly on ITV and he acknowledged that is life "seems to be incredibly episodic like a soap opera" alluding to the series of tragedies that have befallen him over the years.

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