Is Berlusconi heading to South Africa to avoid prison time?

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According to the latest rumours, Italy's former Prime Minister and bunga-bunga king Silvio Berlusconi is contemplating a move to South Africa to avoid being jailed for the next seven years or so. Adding insult to injury, it appears that the notorious womaniser has all the intentions to follow the footsteps of his political mentor, former Prime Minister and head of the Italian Socialist Party Bettino Craxi, who after being prosecuted for corruption, fled in 1994 to Hammamet (Tunisia) to avoid prison, where he remained until his death in 2000.

Some say the reason why Berlusconi would do a runner to South Africa is because he believes that president Jacob Zuma would be pleased to welcome him, as they share the same predicaments in terms of corruption allegations and he's no stranger to sex scandals either. Others are convinced he will stay in Italy, at least for now, in order to fight for "a fairer justice system" as he still believes to be a victim of some 'communist judges' constantly plotting against him.

In the meanwhile, it appears that daughter Marina Berlusconi is getting ready to take on her father's role in Italian politics, which would be handy if he was about to move to the southern hemisphere for good. Fellow entrepreneur and right-wing politician Daniela Santanche has declared on the matter: "Berlusconi's PDL party can only exist if he's there, without him, it would be the end of it. To carry on, we need Marina to take the field".

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