Is climate change real or fake?

We all do our bit for the environment. It’s part of our daily lives. Every time we drive, every time we put the rubbish out, we’re aware that the government’s laws are encouraging us to recycle more and create less CO2 emissions. All these things that we do are done to help save the planet, but does it really need saving?


There’s strong evidence to suggest that the governments of the world have got this wrong. Studies suggest that 2014 was the hottest year ever but there was record sea ice in Antarctica in 2014, why didn’t the ice melt? These studies suggested that the things the world is doing to slow down the process aren’t working but some experts call this scaremongering, especially as some areas experienced record snowfall in 2014. The oceans are rising far less than predicted. The Americans were expecting the sea level to increase by 20 feet by 2100. They’re rethinking this prediction now. Americans were blaming the lack of moose in Minnesota on global warming but it seems that wolves have been killing them off, so global warming is used as a scapegoat when there’s no real evidence. The most damning facts here are that most scientists just don’t believe in a man-made global warming issue. Over 31,000 scientists signed a petition saying that America should reject the Global Warming agreement from 1997. Check out petitionproject.org for more details.


Environmentalists point to the changing global temperatures to reason their argument that global warming is a very real threat. The thermometer records kept over the past 150 years show that the Earth’s average temperature has increased by 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius) over the past century. It’s increased by twice that number across parts of the Arctic. Scientists have also been able to go back to a time before records were officially taken to study the Earth’s temperature. Keys to the past’s temperatures are hidden in sediments preserved over the centuries. The wealth of information from them gives a baseline of the sorts of temperatures the Earth experienced before man started to meddle with it.

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