Jade Goody's mum writes touching open letter to her daughter

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Jade Goody's mother has written an open letter to her late daughter outlining the heartache she feels without her daughter. On the 6th anniversary of her death, Goody's mother Jackiey Budden outlined to Closer magazine how Jade's death has torn her up ever since 2007.

The Big Brother star died in 2007 after a running battle with cervical cancer when she was only 27 years of age. Jackiey wrote in the letter "Thousands of people gathered for your funeral. I was bursting with pride. But then it felt like the lights went out, I've found it hard to cope without you, Jade."

She recalled Jade's younger years saying "I was 28 when I held you in my arms for the first time. You had jet-black curly hair and beautiful green eyes. We called you Jade. You were a good baby, you always slept soundly." She then went to a much tougher place altogether and went into painstaking detail on the tougher years when she became addicted to drugs while Jade was still a teenager.

She wrote "You were forced to play mum again when you were 16 and I started using drugs. My new partner introduced me to crack and it was frightening how quickly I became addicted. You would work all day long and come home to an empty fridge because I’d used all our money to buy drugs."

Jackiey then shared how she wished that she could have been a better mother to Jade writing “With tears running down your face you would beg me to stop. But I couldn’t. It breaks my heart and I feel so guilty. I’m sorry Jade. I wish I’d been a better mum". Throughout the letter the amount of grief and the burden that Jackiey still holds is abundantly clear as she tries to move on with her life amid the void that Jade has left.

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