Kate and Gerry McCann Net Worth in 2021

So far, £11.75 million has been spent investigating Madeline McCann's disappearance, and New Scotland Yard has no plans to end the search. The staggering amount of money UK authorities have thrown around is just as baffling as the case itself. The child, who was a few days away from her fourth birthday, was inexplicably left alone in a holiday villa while her parents enjoyed an evening out. Anyone who's seen the Netflix documentary, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, will know the parents and their friends were drinking and dining in a tapas bar 100 yards away from their apartment. That's about the length of a football pitch.

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Following the child's disappearance, her parents Kate and Gerry, set up the 'Find Madeleine - Leaving No Stone Unturned' foundation. According to records on Companies House, the funds has £844,000 at this time from donations and royalties from Kate McCann's book 'Madeleine', which was written in 2011.


After their daughter's disappearance in 2007, the couple stopped working. Neither worked for six months which meant they had to dip into donations made to the foundation to pay the mortgage on their £500,000 home. In all, £4,000 came out of the pot, which caused a backlash from supporters who only donated to help find the missing girl. Income to the fund also suffered when they were named as suspected by Portuguese police in September 2007.

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Kate quit her job as a GP to work for children's charities, but Gerry McCann still works as a consultant cardiologist. He earns £75,000 a year. Kate's been busy working to help find her daughter. The website that used to sell merchandise took up a lot of her time, and the book she wrote also occupied her for a time. The book made £1 million in royalties in its first year, but income has dwindled with each passing year. In 2018, £130,000 came into the funds from royalties, then £84,096 at the end of 2019. Last year, the book only earned McCann £1,239 in royalties.


The Portuguese authorities have already listed the case as an "unsolved mystery", but British authorities haven't given up on the little girl, who would be 17 years old now. Authorities in Germany believe they know who took Madeleine. Convicted paedophile, Christian Brueckner, is suspected but police do not have enough evidence to secure an arrest warrant. Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters believes authorities won't need to find Madeleine's body before they can ensure Brueckner's arrest, and he appealed for witnesses to come forward. Brueckner lived in the resort of Praia da Luz at the same time as Madeleine's disappearance, and German authorities claim they have evidence but won't divulge it to the public at this time.

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Gerry McCann's £75,000 a year job continues to bring home the bacon, and Kate's account of their daughter's disappearance has undoubtedly raised a lot of money, although none of her royalties have been kept by the couple. They have a £500,000 home in Leicestershire, and they control the fund that's being used to pay for private investigators and keep their daughter's disappearance in the public eye. That's worth £844,000. It would be easy to say they were worth £1.3 million by combining the value of their home and the value of the fund, but it's not known how much equity they own in their property, and the fund is not their money. A £75,000 a year job two and a half times the UK average wage, so the McCann's finances are a lot better than most families.

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