Kate Middleton is pregnant and expecting second child

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The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant for the second time and expecting a sibling for Prince George, who recently celebrated his first birthday. A due date is currently unknown and the Queen is said to be delighted at the news. Kate will not accompany her husband William on any more official duties for the remainder of the year.

She is said to be suffering with another bout of acute morning sickness, officially known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, as she experienced when she was carrying Prince George. Due to the Duchess needing medical treatment at Kensington Palace, the pregnancy announcement had to be made before the traditional 12th week of term in order to prevent the media picking up on it before an official announcement.

The latest addition to the Royal family will have to literally get in line if they ever have any designs on the throne though as William and George both remain ahead of the new arrival in the pecking order. Prince Harry will be pushed to 5th in line after the baby's arrival meaning that there is an even slimmer chance than ever of him ascending the throne.

The statement was delivered from the palace via the official Clarence House Twitter account in a statement that read "The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news that Their Royal Highnesses are expecting their second child." Prime Minister David Cameron was among the first to offer his congratulations tweeting "Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I'm delighted by the happy news that they're expecting another baby."

Rumours have been rife for a long time over whether the Duchess was pregnant again and this official news will please fans of the Royal family no end while Prince George will also get to experience all that being a big brother entails.

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