Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend executed by firing squad in North Korea

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North Korean pop-star Hyon Song-wol, a former girlfriend of oddball leader Kim Jong-un, has been brutally executed by firing squad for allegedly producing and distributing home-made sex videos. The patriotic singer was shot together with a dozen other performers in front of family, friends and colleagues of the Unhasu Orchestra, the Wangjaesan Light Band and the Moranbong Band. And after being forced to watch their loved ones' final moments, everyone was then sent down to prison for being 'associated' with a criminal.

Hyon Song-wol gained national recognition in the 2000s with hits such as 'I Love Pyongyang', 'She is a Discharged Soldier' and 'Footsteps of Soldiers'. She met Kim Jong-un when they were both just teens and at the height of her popularity they began to show up together at official events.

In 2006 the singer suddenly disappeared from the scene, allegedly because Kim Jong-un's father Kim Jong-il didn't approve of his son's relationship with her, only to return as soon as the old man passed away in 2011. By then they were both married to other people but that didn't stop them rekindling their friendship, with South Korean officials confirming that "rumours about the two having an affair have been circulating among Pyongyang's top elite" for a while.

And rumours now say that the pornography claims should be taken with a pinch of salt, as there might be something more to it than a couple of sex videos. One theory alleges that there's a political matrix behind the murder, while another suggests that Jong-un's wife plain old jealousy was the reason behind the singer's death, who in the past had performed in her same pop band.

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