Largest Snowstorms of All Time

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This past weekend the eastern part of the States was hit hard with a snowstorm taking with it the lives of 29 people since Friday. In 5 states the snow reached an astounding 3 ft (91cm) paralyzing cities and residents. But there were much more severe and devastating snowstorms that have been seen in the past.

The Great Blizzard of 1888 also was known as “The Great White Hurricane” which took over much of the northeastern part of the States. Snow accumulated to over 60 inches which was combined with wind speeds reaching around 45 mph. This all took place in March which was unseasonably late and resulted in flooding as the snow quickly melted away. There were over 400 casualties and it took around 2 weeks to recover from the disaster.

In November of 1913 the Great Lakes region in the States saw their deadliest natural disaster which was nicknamed “The Freshwater Fury”. This blizzard with hurricane force winds was unpredicted by those on the water which attributed to its massive destruction. Wind force was up to 90 mph with waves reaching around 35 feet taking with it 19 ships and stranding 19 others. This lasted for 16 hours and ended up killing 250 people.

The Iran Blizzard of 1972 was one of the deadliest snowstorms in its history covering northwest, central and southern Iran. The worst hit area was in southern Iran where it demolished 200 villages burying 4,000 people in 10 feet of snow lasting a full week.

In March of 1993 was The Storm of the Century. This storm stretched along the east coast from Canada all the way to Central and South America. The areas it hit the hardest though were in Cuba and the eastern States. 60 inches of snow accumulated mixed with torrential rain, winds and tornadoes. It eventually took the lives of over 300 people.

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