Legendry author Terry Prachett dies at age 66

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Author Sir Terry Prachett passed away today at the age of 66 after a long running fight with Alzheimer's disease. He will be most remembered for his much loved Discworld series of novels and is survived by his wife Lyn and daughter Rhianna.

Prachett's family used his official Twitter account to break the news of his death. The tweet read "Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night." His Facebook page also bore the message "It is with immeasurable sadness that we announce that author Sir Terry Pratchett has died. The world has lost one of its brightest, sharpest minds. Rest in peace Sir Terry Pratchett."

The best-selling writer died at home peacefully in his bed "with his cat sleeping on his bed surrounded by his family" according to his publisher Penguin. He was a prolific author for Penguin releasing more than 70 books during a career that brought humour and joy to millions of readers.

Pratchett was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease 8 years ago and has been very vocal on his stance on assisted death. On his battle with Alzheimer's he once said "Rather than let Alzheimer's take me, I would take it. I would live my life as ever to the full and die, before the disease mounted its last attack, in my own home".

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