Lego creates a limited number of anti-Lego Slippers with extra padding

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Christmas season has arrived and the Lego building blocks will most likely be at the top of many wish lists. But Legos is not only aimed at children now, parents too can enjoy a new Lego product this year, Lego slippers.

While it may be too late for parents whose children are grown up, current parents with young ones may find these as life savers. The pain of stepping on a hard square lego piece with barefeet is a memorable one, and not that pleasant to say the least.

Created by a French advertising agency, Brand Station, these slippers are made with extra cushioning making sure it is impossible to feel the legos through the slippers if you accidentally step on one. They even have a promotional video showing how they are made.

They are interchangeable between feet and are bright red and yellow with the Lego logo front and center and grippy soles in the shape of the top of Lego blocks on the bottom.

Only 1,500 pairs have been made though and will be given away at random to people who enter their wishlist to the Lego France site. Surely though if there is a high demand and interest in them we will see them again in the near future.

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