Madeline McCann parents take heart from mystery blonde girl found living with gypsies

Madeline McCann’s parents have greeted the news of a mystery blond girl’s discovery as proof that their child could still be out there. Although the girl is not their long lost daughter, the family are taking heart because the mystery girl’s discovery raises the possibility that Madeline McCann may still be alive six years after her disappearance in the Algarve region of Portugal.

The girl, who is known only as ‘Maria’, was discovered on Wednesday by Greek police in an area near Farsala in central Greece during a raid on Gypsy settlements. At the camp, the police found the girl with a couple and thirteen other kids. The police carried out DNA testing on the girl and the couple which determined that they are not her parents, and because of her looks and hair colour the Greek police believe that the little girl is of northern or eastern European origin and that she was the victim of international trafficking. Greek officials have requested international assistance to help identify the four-year old girl.

The girl’s discovery has brought Madeline McCann’s story back to national attention as it bears a lot of similarities to her disappearance during a family holiday in Portugal on May 3rd 2007. The McCann’s spokesman said, “This gives Kate and Gerry great hope that Madeleine could be found alive,” and Madeline’s dad, Gerry, said that statistics show that the younger a child is when they’re taken, the higher the chances are that they’ll be found alive. “There are cases over the last few years of children who have been found after they’ve been taken for a long time.”

The mystery girl is currently being assessed by child psychologists and the couple found harbouring the her, a 39 year-old man and a 40 year-old woman, have been charged with abduction and remain in custody.

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