Make your mark in the sky in a stellar way

Are you trying to think of the perfect gift for a loved one? Perhaps you want to make a dedication to someone who has passed away or maybe someone who was recently born. If the special someone enjoys stargazing, a fun idea might be to buy a star and name it after them. Wondering how to name a star?, here are some of the things that would go with this purchase.

The Basics

A basic gift package would most likely include a certificate noting the stars coordinates, the name it was given and date it was named, and oftentimes the giver can also add in a personal dedication. There might also be information about how to navigate through the dark sky, recommending you where and when are the ideal times to spot your shining star.

Software to assist

If you want to spend a little more money, some companies offer software that provides a virtual planetarium and takes you more in-depth into the sea of stars. It will help you locate the star once you put in the catalogue number and coordinates. You might be spending around £60 for a package like this. Once you have chosen the title for your star you'll be sent a name a star UK deed certificate confirming.

Stars part of a constellation

But then there are those bright lights in the sky that are principal stars in a constellation which will cost a bit more, but will be easier to spot while you are out stargazing. While you might not be able to choose the constellation it is a part of as, most likely, the big dipper stars have all be named already, it still is a nice added touch to your gift.


Some companies even have packages that include jewellry such as a star necklace,stuffed bears and sea turtles, frames for your certificates and Astrophotos of your star. All to say, there is a star package that will meet anyone's needs.

Inspire Children

This could be a great opportunity for children to see that learning can be fun. It is a way to help get them more curious about astronomy and be a great resources to learn from. Who knows, even parents might learn a thing or two with them while everyone is looking up trying to understand the vast universe.

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