Man proposes to high school sweetheart right before her final chemotherapy session

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In what is certainly a contender for engagement of the year, a man in Florida proposed to his long-time girlfriend immediately before her final chemotherapy session. It was a surprise proposal that was filmed by a friend of the couple and a professional photographer was also on hand to capture some amazingly touching images.

When Lucas D'Onofrio popped the question to Tamara Bruzzo in Boca Raton Hospital, it instantly doubled up her joy at finishing her course of chemo. D'Onofrio presented her with roses and asked the all important question to which Bruzzo of course said Yes!

Bruzzo was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in February of this year at just 21 years of age and has been undergoing a 6 session course of chemotherapy to fight the cancer. She and D'Onofrio have been an item for 6 years and began dating when they were both in high school.

He told TODAY.com that the idea to propose in such circumstances had been brewing for a while saying "After the whole situation happened, around her second chemo session it hit me out of nowhere like an epiphany that it would be really great to propose to her on her last chemo session." He added "I felt like it would mark the end of everything we have gone through together with the cancer and turn the page to a new part of our lives."

D'Onofrio did not hold back and went in all guns blazing using candles and balloons as well as having friends set off fireworks outside of Bruzzo's hospital room window. He also had Ed Sheeran's hit song Thinking Out Loud playing to make the moment even more memorable and Bruzzo will certainly cherish the proposal for the rest of her life.

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