Marijuana shot into the US with makeshift cannons

Gone are the good old days of drug traffickers trying smuggle illegal drugs hidden in trucks and cars with false bottoms, or using human mules with packets of drugs strapped to their bodies or hidden in the lining of suitcases, or trying to import it through legal products, as U.S. authorities have stepped up border security between Mexico, and with the addition of more fences, and agents, they are also using advanced technology like unmanned surveillance drones, which has forced drug cartels to come up with new and creative ways to try to get drugs across the border and into the United States.

Drug traffickers have used everything from digging tunnels, to using medieval-style catapults and even those T-shirt cannons that we see in stadiums have been used, and makeshift cannons are just the latest way to shoot pounds of pot directly over the border fences, as police have already recovered canisters of drugs near the borders of the states of California and Arizona.

Mexican police have found several of these abandoned marijuana cannons that are made up of a long plastic pipe that is connected to acompressed air tank, and even finding a carbon dioxide tank. The cannon is placed in the back of a pickup truck driven close to the border where drug traffickers then load packages of marijuana that can weigh up to 13 kilos(30 pounds) into canisters and shoot them one at a time over the border.

Last December, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials reported that they had discovered more than thirty cans of marijuana scattered near the Colorado River in Arizona, about 200 miles southwest of Phoenix, before they could be picked up by smugglers. The pot totaled about 85 pounds and was valued at $42,500(£26,000).

The smuggling ruses may not sound very sophisticated, but the mind boggles on the idea of how many pot flying canisters have made it into the country without anyone knowing.

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