Massive hole appears in middle of busy Manchester Road

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A massive hole has appeared on a busy road in Manchester leading to the council closing off the throughway completely. The hole is reported to be approximately 40 feet in diameter and takes up an entire lane plus a significant portion of the footpath.

The sinkhole is located between A6 London Road and Fairfield Street and is believed to be the result of flood damage. Manchester has been inundated with rain today in large quantities and it has impacted on traffic throughout the city.

A statement from Manchester City Council said "Motorists should be aware that part of the Mancunian Way is currently closed in both directions due to a collapse in the road caused by the extremely wet weather." It continued "It is thought a culvert beneath the Mancunian Way has been eroded by the heavy rain fall, which has cause the road above to be impacted."

The statement also indicated that a lot of work is currently underway to resolve the issue. It read "City council and united utilities officers are currently at the scene to assess the situation. Depending on the extent of the issue the road may remain closed over the weekend."

The Council indicated that due to the severity of the sinkhole, they do have concerns that cracks could contribute to the hole becoming even larger. Should the road remain closed through the weekend then diversions will be put in place "via London Road, Fairfield Street, A665, Hyde Road and Downing Street."

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