Met Office Storm Warning Shows Hurricane-Like Weather For UK

In the past few days there were whispers suggesting that the next couple of weeks will bring us wintery weather but forecasters are now saying that a full-blown storm is about to hit the UK. The UK storm alert shows that the bad weather will be hitting the south coast on Monday and make its way up to the Midlands later in the week.

Met Office storm forecast shows that the wind will reach speeds of up to 80mph in the mainland areas, with higher peaks in places like Cornwall an along coastal towns. The storm that is forming now over the Atlantic could be the worst to hit these shores since the storms of 1987 and 1990 that took down energy pylons and uprooted trees.

Senior forecaster for the Met Office, Helen Chivers warned that we could see winds of more than 90mph. “This is not a storm you see every winter.” With gusts of up to 12 on the Beaufort Scale, the winds will reach a hurricane like speeds but they won’t stay consistent as they would in a tropical area.

The "amber alert" from the Met Office was accompanied by the news that the weather system is due to move in during the early hours of Monday and it could last until as late as 9pm. Residents have been warned to be vigilant as the winds could damage property and fell trees. Blackouts could also be caused as power lines are brought down.

The storm’s path is expected to take it through Wales and then across England up to the Humber. Regions in the south can expect the strongest of the winds but northern regions will be hit by heavier rainfall.

The Met Office warning suggests that those of us who have to travel to work do so during daylight when debris will be easier to spot. “The amber warning comes with advice which is to be prepared for damage to buildings and to trees, telegraph lines could be blown down.”

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