Most popular boys names in the UK in 2014 revealed

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A survey of members on baby website BabyCentre has revealed that Mohammed was the most popular boys name in the UK in 2014. The site gives a good indication of name trends with a list of the top 100 boys' names and there seems to be an increasing number of Arabic names being chosen.

The survey consisted of the names chosen by 55,000 Babycentre mums who gave birth in 2014. Babycentre's Sarah Redshaw commented on the greater variety in ethnic names around the UK this year saying "With the increase of Arabic names plus Aarav, an Indian boys' name, the top 100 shows the ever-increasing diversity of the UK today."

Here are the top 10 most popular boys names in 2014 in the UK in order:

  1. 1. Muhammed
  2. 2. Oliver
  3. 3. Jack
  4. 4. Noah
  5. 5. Jacob
  6. 6. Charlie
  7. 7. Harry
  8. 8. Joshua
  9. 9. James
  10. 10. Ethan

Other notable names that have surged in popularity for UK boys this year include Teddy(up 30 places to 61st), Theo (up 29 places to 29th), Adam(up 21 places to 24th), Aaron(up 20 places to 55th), Harrison(up 18 places to 34th) and Elijah(up 15 places to 46th).

Game of Thrones and Breaking bad have also seemed to have influence over people when it came to choosing a baby name too. Although they do not appear in the top 100 list, household names like Walter, Jesse and Tyrion all have seen increased registration this year along with female names Daenerys and Skyler for babies born in 2014.

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