Mysterious Tower bridge married couple have been identified

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A mystery married couple who were photographed kissing in front of the Tower Bridge have been identified after a huge search to track them down. Express.co.uk managed to learn the names of the newlyweds who went viral after an amateur photographer captured the most romantic of images in front of the iconic bridge.

Photographer Saber Miresmailli was sitting in a taxi when all of a sudden he spotted a couple in full wedding gear clearly enjoying their first moments of being wed. He quickly pointed his camera at them and shot what turned out to be a stunning picture.

When he later posted it to social media, the response was huge and it wasn't long before the snap had gone viral. A campaign was started in earnest to try and identify the couple as Canadian Miresmailli wanted to track them down and present them with a copy of the photograph as a wedding gift.

On a dedicated Facebook page, Miresmailli posted the message "A request to the Facebook Nation: I was on a moving car in London, UK on May 16, 2015 around 8PM when I saw this lovely couple. They were alone and I didn't see any photographer with them. I managed to shoot this picture with them and the London Bridge in the back ground. I have the high quality picture and I love to find them and give it to them as a gift. Do you think you can share this and help me find them? Thanks!"

However, Express.co.uk uncovered a lead who had attended the happy couple's wedding and revealed that their names are James and Laura. Speaking to the Express, the friend said "Laura and James have absolutely no idea how famous they are back here because they're currently on honeymoon in Bali. I couldn't believe it when I saw the picture."

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