NASA announces asteroid 2014 UR116 is not a threat to Earth

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NASA has released a statement reassuring the citizens of Earth that asteroid 2014 UR116 does not pose a significant threat to the planet. The asteroid is currently on an orbit path that means it will not even come close to colliding with Earth.

2014 UR116 was discovered from a Russian observatory in October and it is approximately 1,300 feet in diameter. According to the statement, posted on NASA's Near Earth Object Program website, 2014 UR116 has "a three-year orbital period around the sun and returns to the Earth’s neighborhood periodically, it does not represent a threat because its orbital path does not pass sufficiently close to the Earth’s orbit."

NASA have calculated in conjunction with Harvard that the asteroid will not come any nearer to Earth than 2.5 million miles at its closest point as it passes us by at a rate of knots. NASA have ruled out the asteroid as a potential threat to us for at least the next 150 years.

It was originally thought that the asteroid could pose a significant threat to Earth when it was first discovered. If the worst case scenario is ever realised and the asteroid does smash into Earth then the damage would be astronomical with a potential impact measuring around 500,000 kilotons.

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