North Korea ups the ante in the Yellow Sea after deploying submarines

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Tensions continue to rise in the Korean Peninsula after North Korea today deployed the majority of its submarines far from naval bases. Kim Jong Un had issued a deadline of this past weekend for South Korea to stop broadcasting propaganda messages but those messages have continued as of today.

North Korea have also deployed 10 assault hovercraft, a mixture of Gongbang IIs, which can travel at 60 mph, and faster but smaller Gongbang IIIs. However, officials in the South believe that any attacks that the North will engage in will involve firing "on broadcasting stations in the Demilitarized Zone" but they have promised "our armed forces will counterattack".

Last Thursday, South Korea evacuated 15,000 people residing close to the Demilitarised Zone after reported shelling from the North in an area on the West coast. Tensions are high after North Korea demanded that South Korea cease all propaganda broadcasting through loudspeakers at the border.

A South Korean military spokesman said "Seventy percent of North Korea's submarines left their bases, and their locations are not confirmed." North Korea is estimated to have about 70 submarines in its ranks meaning close to 50 are currently in what appears to be the most serious military threat during Kim Jong Un's time as leader.

Since coming to power and succeeding his father Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un has repeatedly used strong armed tactics to strengthen his own position of power. Talks between South and North Korean officials will continue this week in a bid to diffuse a tense situation.

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