Notes that went viral

Watching what you say is one thing but being careful what you write is far easier because you get time to correct it. The note that this BP employee left at his place of work ended up getting him fired when it went viral.


Yellow Stone National Park

The note left by one visitor to Yellow Stone National Park sums up the sort of notes that go viral. The Yellow Stone National Park Lodge leave a note in each guest’s rooms asking them to feed back on their stay and what could have been improved. We’re not sure if the guest who wrote the following note was joking around or deadly serious when they wrote: “Our visit was wonderful but we never saw any bears. Please train your bears to be where guests can see them. This was an expensive trip to not get to see bears.”

Handicap badge

We all agree with the sentiment in the next note that went viral. The writer typed a note in block capitals and left it under the window wiper of a driver who was clearly being less than truthful about his mobility. “I have a video of you walking away from your car on numerous occasions, you are not handicapped” the clearly frustrated writer begins. “You should be ashamed of yourself” the note concludes.

Noisy sex

The last note that went viral that we’re bringing you was written to a couple who were enjoying each other a little too much for one resident. “To the inconsiderate people who had sex last night and were incredibly loud – stop!” is who the letter was addressed to. “Have some consideration for the people around you.”

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