Ofcom to investigate 'offensive' Channel 4 documentary drama on Ukip

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TV watchdog Ofcom is after opening an investigation into the Channel 4 documentary drama Ukip: The First 100 Days after viewers lodged over 6,000 complaints about the show. The docudrama is set in a world where Ukip have taken power with leader Nigel Farage in the driving seat as Prime Minister of the UK .

The show depicts the UK in complete turmoil shortly after the party comes into power. It splices actual footage with acted scenes where fictional Ukip politicians deal with their first few months in power and make big decisions. It even features full scale rioting in the streets and wholesale unemployment across the nation.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said "We are opening an investigation into the programme as it may raise issues under our rules on offensive material, misleadingness and due impartiality. We are also considering fairness and privacy complaints about the programme." The use of footage of actual Ukip supporters could be one of the areas that Ofcom looks at up close in its' investigation regarding the show being misleading.

Most of the complaints received by Ofcom revolved around the show being offensive and ashamedly biased against the Ukip party. If the docudrama is found to be guilty of being misleading and/or impartial then Channel 4 will be staring a £100,000 fine in the face as a consequence.

Channel 4 also received over 1000 complaints directly as well as around 100 positive reactions from viewers and the network is confident "the programme did not breach the Ofcom code". Ukip leader Farage could not pass up an opportunity to have his say on the matter tweeting "Look like 100 Days of Ukip may well have backfired on Channel 4. A biased, partisan depiction of the only party that Believes in Britain".

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