Oscar Pistorius could be released from prison as early as next week

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Former sprint star Oscar Pistorius could be released from prison next week just 10 months into a 5 year prison sentence. Pistorius was found guilty of the culpable homicide of his long time partner Reeve Steenkamp last October with Steenkamp's family feeling the sentence was far too lenient.

Pistorius denied murdering Steenkamp at his home on Valentine's Day 2013 claiming that he had mistaken her for an intruder. He discharged 4 shots through a locked bathroom door claiming he did not realise Steenkamp was in there until it was too late.

But he could now be set to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. A government statement read "The Correctional Supervision and Parole Board approved the placement of Oscar Pistorius under correctional supervision with effect from 21 August."

Details of what the terms of his house arrest will not be made public as it could prove a security risk to him and the security team which will be tasked with guarding him. Steenkamp's family have spoken about his imminent release read "We fear that this will not send out the proper message and serve as the deterrent it should."

An appeal date has been set for November for prosecutors to make their case as to why Pistorius should have been charged with murder. If they are successful then Pistorius would face a swift return to prison where he could serve up to 15 years.

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