Pet cat attacks baby and terrorises family in their home

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A pet cat named Lux had to be captured in a dog snare after it attacked a baby and then turned on the parents in their home in Portland, Oregon. Police responded to a call where the 22 pound cat, which is part Himalayan, had forced the family hide out in a bedroom.

Lee Palmer made the call to 911 after Lux snapped at Palmer's infant child when the baby pulled the cat's tail. Palmer told emergency services how he then kicked Lux "in the rear" in order to get the cat away from the baby.

Lux became even more aggressive and the family were left with no choice but to run to a bedroom and lock themselves in. It was from there that Mr. Palmer managed to call 911 and alert police to their predicament.

Sergeant Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau told reporters how Lux the cat could be heard screaming in the background as Mr. Palmer talked to the 911 operator.

Lux has a history of violence according to Palmer but the family are not going to hand the cat over to authorities. They are even going so far as to employ a pet psychologist to help with Lux's aggression issues.

Cat attacks are rare but they do happen. This case is all the scarier though because of the size of the cat and the fact that the family have had it for 4 years.

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