PM not a TOWIE fan

Perhaps we should not be wholly surprised but David Cameron failed to send out a name-check for The Only Way Is Essex when Radio Times quizzed him on his favourite festive TV. Channel 4’s Embarrassing Illnesses also failed to register on the PM’s picks. Sitcoms, reality shows and talent contents were conspicuously absent from his ideal choice of Christmas viewing.

Instead, Christmas Day at Number 10 would be perfect for the Prime Minister if he could watch an old Bond movie, a classic adaptation like Bleak House or Jane Eyre and an episode of Spooks. Before everybody shouts out "boring!" we should also mention that this schedule would of course be interrupted for the Queen’s Speech.

"We always check what’s on the TV," he said. "Watching James Bond on Christmas Day was a ritual when I was small and it’s beginning to become one for my children too. And yes, the television’s on at 3 on the dot for the Queen’s speech."

Presumably so that when the Queen asks "did you see one’s speech?" he can reply "Certainly did Ma’am, top-notch stuff as usual."

Reclaiming a little credibility, he says he is hoping for a box set of The Killing as a Christmas present, and adds that he can’t bear to watch Sir Alan Sugar... or Spongebob Squarepants. In subsequent attempts to chime squarely with the predictable tastes of middle England, he admits a fondness for Jamie Oliver, Match of the Day and EastEnders.

Northerners will of course be outraged at this thoughtless snub of Coronation Street.

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