Police seal off area in Algarve near where Madeline McCann disappeared

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Police in Portugal have cordoned off an area of scrubland in the Algarve close to where Madeline McCann disappeared in 2007. British police have also joined local authorities at the site in a bid to comb the area for evidence.

Police have been seen unloading sensitive radar equipment and there is also a team of dogs working at the scrubland looking for "disturbed ground". The area is within a 5 minute walk to the Praia da Luz resort that the McCann's stayed at back in May 2007 when Madeline disappeared.

There are two similar areas nearby that British Metropolitan Police have requested to be searched after the current site has been analysed. Should any suspicious ground be uncovered then police have the equipment on site to excavate for further inspection.

Earlier in the year, the long running case seemed like it was finally about to make some serious headway. British police headed to Portugal in January aiming to arrest 3 Portuguese men in connection with Madeline's disappearance. The arrests did not materialise however and there is yet to be any arrest in connection with the case.

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