Policeman receives £440k payout after assaulting a pensioner's car

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A violent and rather ludicrous policeman has been handed a payout of £440k after becoming a ‘laughing stock’ amongst his colleagues. In an extraordinary set of circumstances, the officer in question has received almost half a million pounds from the public purse after being caught on camera smashing up a disabled pensioner’s car.

PC Mike Baillon had pulled over the vehicle of 74 year old disabled pensioner Robert Whatley on the basis that Mr Whately wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Mr Whately claimed that he believed in good faith that they had finished with him and drove off, much to the spluttering outrage of Baillon, who thereupon lost his cool and his professionalism completely. With Mr Whately making a beeline for his stroke and heart medication, the police car pursued him through the winding country lanes of South Wales with sirens blaring until Mr Whately pulled over once more. At this point, the ridiculous PC Baillon jumped out of the police car and began hitting the car with a truncheon, trying – and failing for a not inconsiderable time – to break the driver’s window.

Indeed he struck the side window 15 times with a baton. Another officer clambered on the bonnet and appeared to be trying to kick in the front window. The pensioner is then pulled from the car, baffled, shocked and astonished. He had expected a tap on the window.

Baillon however swiftly became a joke at his local station. Unsurprisingly really. Bullying pensioners in an ineffective fashion is never a good look. He was finally removed from his position as he seemed to be losing his grip in the face of teasing, though many would argue that he lost his grip when he began assaulting motor vehicles.

He took his former force, Gwent police, to a tribunal saying he had been constructively dismissed and had been removed from front line duties after the incident. The tribunal awarded him £430,000 for the loss of pension he would have got had he retired after 30 years service, plus £10,000 for the wages he lost since leaving the force.

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