Pope Francis from people's pope to superhero graffiti

From the ‘people’s pope’ that has captured the hearts and minds of millions with his simplicity in just a few months, Pope Francis has now been elevated to the role of Superman.

The Pontiff is now a superhero at least in the eyes of Mauro Palotta - a professional artist and sometimes street artist - who designed the graffiti on a wall in the heart of the historic Borgo Pio district near St. Peter's Square in Rome.

The Holy Father is depicted in the typical Superman pose, with his fist raised and flying through the air with his white cassock and cape billowing behind him and carrying his black satchel, with the word 'Valores' (Spanish for values) written on it, and there's also a blue and red striped scarf of his favorite soccer team, San Lorenzo in the tribute.

Palotta told the Italian press that he designed the graffiti of the Super Pope because “of the empathy that he is able to create around himself. The Pope is very pop, and I wanted to draw him like a comic strip. The superpowers which I gave him represent the enormous power at his disposal, which he uses, and he is the only leader in the world, to do good. He is the only one who does what he says and says what he does.”

‘Papa Francesco’ has been making a very noticeable break from Vatican tradition since his election last year .

His candor, humility and ‘gentle revolution’ has already had Time magazine declare him Person of the Year , and his photo also graces the cover of February’s Rolling Stone magazine with an article entitled, ‘The Times They Are A-Changin.'

Apparently the Pontifical Council for Social Communications from the Holy See enjoyed seeing the Pontiff depicted as a superhero so much that they tweeted the photo of Palotta’s graffiti with, “We share with you a graffiti found in a Roman street near the Vatican.”

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