Prince Harry announces he is to leave the Armed Forces

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Prince Harry is to leave his post in the army and is considering a number of possible career options, foremost among them a number of charitable ventures. Harry is believed to be ready to step down before the end of the year and currently holds the rank of captain in the armed forces.

It has been almost 10 years since Harry joined the army to much fanfare and in that time he served two separate tours in Afghanistan. Sources close to Harry have revealed that he is considering a number of options including Africa and he is looking to spend "a significant period abroad".

The 30 year old royal family member spent 10 weeks as a battlefield air controller in the notorious Helmund Province back in 2007. he returned to Afghanistan again in 2012 spending 5 months as a helicopter pilot. Ever since January of 2014, Harry has been busy working behind the safety of a desk for the armed forces.

Harry has a track record of charitable deeds and has done considerable work with the Invictus Games. These games were specially created for people who got injured while serving their country with the inaugural games taking place in London last September.

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