Prince Harry warmly welcomes ex-servicemen and woman after their 1000 mile walk

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On Sunday, British ex-servicemen Stewart Hill, Matt Fisher, Alex Robotham, Scott Ransley, and U.S. Marines Andrew Bement and Kirstie Ennis completed the Walk of Britain. In aid of the charity Walking With The Wounded (WWTW), these 6 wounded veterans walked 1000 miles in 72 days which started in Scotland and ended at the Buckingham Palace.

One of the participants, 24-year-old veteran Kirstie Ennis, was a US helicopter gunner and was injured 3 years ago when her helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. She was scheduled to have her left leg amputated below the knee this summer, but she decided to postpone it until after the charity walk.

Before the start of the walk, Ennis had 25 replica dog tags made “to remember 25 marines, 25 brothers we lost. It was very important to me even if I can still serve in military in the capacity I want, to honour the fallen, honour the guys who made the ultimate sacrifice. A lot of them were very young.”

At the end of the walk Prince Harry was there to greet them. The last dog tag was in memory of 21-year-old Corporal Baune from Minnesota who died in a Taliban blast in 2012. She had intended to leave it at Buckingham Palace but she placed it in 31-year-old Prince Harry’s hand instead.

He first said “No, I can’t. I can’t accept this” but she insisted and said, “Please, you know what this means to me, I want to.” He humbly took it, embraced her with a heartfelt hug and said, “This means so much to me.”

Prince Harry joined them for a 17 mile portion of the walk in September and is very passionate about finding ways to assist injured servicemen and women. The bucket collections along the walk alone raised £35,000 for the charity. In December they are planning a Walk Home For Christmas to raise funds for homeless veterans.

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