Queen guitarist Brian May to consider standing as Independent MP

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Queen guitarist Brian May has expressed frustration at the current government and may even consider standing as an Independent MP as a result. A general election will take place in May and Independent candidates are expected to do quite well as the public look to make a definitive statement on the performance of government throughout their years in power. 

May's agent Phil Symes has relayed May's feelings on the current crop of MPs saying the rock legend is full of "frustration at a system that he sees as failing the electorate". However, Symes also stated that May has "no firm plans" in place to run in the next general election.

Symes explained that should May run for election in May then he would run with similar values to his Common Decency project. According to that project, May's main issue is with corrupt and self-interested politicians who do not represent their constituents interests to the utmost.

May could find a natural pathway to running in the general election as he runs a wildlife sanctuary in Dorset. The sitting MP in that area is Lib Dem representative Annette Brooke, who will stand down come the election and will be vacating her seat paving the way for someone to take up public's mandate in the area.

The guitarist is currently busy touring Europe on his Queen + Adam Lambert tour. That tour completes at the end of February leaving plenty of time for election preparation so watch this space.

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