Round up of the best April fools pranks for 2015

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It is that time of the year again folks and if you haven't been caught out at least once today then let us fill you in on some of the biggest and best April Fools pranks let loose today. Due to the timing of his high profile sacking from the BBC last week, Jeremy Clarkson made for a prime target today and The Guardian duly obliged with a fantastic story about how Clarkson had joined their campaign for fossil fuel divestment.

The story told of how Clarkson had "reevaluated his priorities" and was looking for a way to "regain the trust of the British public" so throwing his weight behind such a noble cause was the right thing to do. The best faux quote attributed to the brash persona we have come to love was "There comes a time when a man’s got to ask himself what he really stands for. And for me, that’s sustainable energy, traffic calming and an end to xenophobia and prejudice."

Richard Branson got in the spirit of things by revealing that Virgin were to move their headquarters to Branson, Missouri and the punchline came in the form of a cake with the message "Welcome to Branson, Branson" alongside an image of Sir Richard's face. Branson was famously behind one of the greatest April Fools pranks in history with the infamous UFO landing near London in 1989.

Big tech companies are always good for a prank or two on this day every year and this time around Amazon seemed to come out on top by reverting their entire website back to a late 90's look. Not only did they roll out the retro facade but they went to considerable effort making each and every link fit the theme of the day with items like a whoopee cushion recommended under the Toys and Games category.

Fair play to Amazon but an honourable mention must go to Samsung who advertised their all new Galaxy Blade edge smart knife with "a razor-sharp diamond edge, tough enough to cut through a lobster tail and sharp enough to slice though tender heirloom tomatoes." We can just tech fans everywhere licking their lips at the prospect of chopping veggies while tweeting about it.

Joshing was rampant in the food industry too with Burger King Japan announcing the release of a sexy new burger fragrance. The franchise's brand manager Kana Lenaga announced "We want women who like meat to wear this, and men who want to smell sexy and wild should definitely wear this". Meanwhile, Marmite circulated a hilarious picture of their new product, Marmite Clear, which promises to shake up the breakfast industry.

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