Russian version of Facebook fan page promotes Miss Hitler 2014 pageant

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The possibility of a bizarre Nazi themed beauty pageant has emerged in Russia and has been dubbed Miss Hitler 2014. The actual name for the whole thing is Miss Ostland 2014 which refers to the geographical area of Ostlund, a Baltic region occupied by Nazis during the second World War where a large number of Jews were murdered.

Women with strong anti-Semitic views are being encouraged to post sexy selfies of themselves to an Adolf Hitler fan page on Vkontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, along with a little blurb on the main reasons they admire the Third Reich and what it was responsible for. A number of women joined the VKontakte group and shared their images there in a bid to get as many likes as possible.

The fan page includes a number of ground rules for the girls who intended to post images of themselves to the group. The main requirements seem to be that posters are Nazis and have a strong hatred of Jewish people. One other important rule is that group members are not allowed to criticise any other posted image in a bid to prevent online cat fights between posters.

The page has since been taken down after Vkontakte reacted swiftly in the wake of a huge media storm surrounding the content of the page. The demographics of the fan page seemed to consist mostly of Russian and Ukrainian people who consider themselves Nazis and about 7000 members were signed up at the time the page was taken down.

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