Scottish Independence polls show unionists take lead ahead of 2014 referendum

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The latest polls on Scottish Independence referendum shows that unionist support for staying within the United Kingdom is outweighing those who support independence once again. It is, however, by the finest of margins and neither side of the debate will be feeling very comfortable heading into the final week of a long running campaign.

In the latest YouGov survey, carried out for The Times and Sun newspapers, 52% of people quizzed said that they would be voting No in the Independence referendum due to take place next week on Thursday the 18th of December. This is opposed to 48% who will be voting Yes after eliminating all those who were unsure of which way they were going to vote come crunch time.

This in contrast to the last YouGov poll carried out just last week which showed that 51% of the people surveyed were planning to vote Yes. There have been a number of high profile analysts that worry that the Yes campaign may just have peaked a tad too soon in their campaign and it may pave the way for the No side to sweep to victory on Thursday.

This latest poll has demonstrated that support for the Yes campaign is only holding among the 25 to 39 year old category with all other categories slightly leaning toward a No victory. David Cameron and Ed Miliband led an influx of a huge number of Labour party MPs into Scotland this week in a bid to consolidate the No vote and sway those who remain undecided.

It is quite clear at this stage that Scotland is very much a nation divided and should it become independent it certainly won't be welcomed by large section of Scottish society. This referendum is going to be a historic one with an incredible 80% voter turnout predicted. To quote a famous Scottish man, Sir Alex Ferguson, it is most definitely "squeaky bum time" for all involved.

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