See the Northern Lights in the UK TONIGHT

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The Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern lights, are often seen in northern countries. On rare occasions though, those of us a little lower in latitude have the opportunity to experience this amazing sight.

Late Tuesday night residents in Moray, Scotland were treated to the beautiful view. Tonight though the Met Office says that the northern lights should be visible across the UK if it stays clear.

Those in the Midlands, northern England, north Wales and northern Ireland will have a great view. If the wind picks up though, they may be seen further south according to the Met Office. “It depends on speed how we see it on Earth and what impact it has.”

The northern lights are caused by a solar energy that is released from the sun during a solar flare storm and can be seen in Earth’s atmosphere. The oxygen glows green and yellow while nitrogen gives off the blue colour.

If you do want to try and see the northern lights tonight, a Met office spokesman gave the tips to “...wait until at least an hour after sunset, go outside away from artificial lights, let your eyes accustom to the dark and and look towards the north.”

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