Shootings at Radisson Hotel in Mali's capital city of Bamako

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Currently there is gunfire taking place at the American owned Radisson Hotel in Mali’s capital of Bamako. While it is still unclear as to who is behind the shootings, AFP new agency is quoting a source that claims these men to be “jihadists”.

Early this morning automatic weapons and explosions were heard by witnesses in this 190 room hotel. A Malian news site claims that there at least 10 attackers who are involved in the shootings, most of which is reportedly occurring on the 7th floor where terrorists are firing in the corridor.

"Very early in the morning there was gunfire. Apparently it's an attempt to take hostages. The police are there and are sealing off the area," the security source said.

NBCNews heard from the hotel spokesman that there are at least 170 guests and staff who are being ‘locked in’ by 2 attackers. Local media have stated that at least 5 people are dead, including foreigners.

In August there was a 24-hour siege in the central town of Sevare in Mali. 4 soldiers, 5 UN workers and 4 terrorists were killed.

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