Sleeping dogs lie

Did you realise that the position your dog sleeps in tells you something about their personality? We didn’t either but in much the same way as a person’s sleeping position tells us something about their personality, dogs also give this information off when they curl up.


Curled in a ball

Dogs that like to curl up in a ball when they sleep do so in order to preserve their body heat. This behaviour also harks back to the wild as it protects vital organs from a predator’s attack. This either means that the dog’s cold where he sleeps or he’s not happy with his environment. Either way, a change of location is recommended.

Legs reaching to the sky

This unsightly pose is common among domesticated dogs as it’s not something you’d ever find a wolf doing. This position allows your pet to cool down as his belly is exposed to the air so it could mean that he’s too hot where he sleeps. It’s also a sign that he’s very relaxed in his home so you’re definitely living with a chilled out dog.

On his side

A dog who lies on his side is normally pretty easy going. This position exposes the dog as he can’t react quickly if attacked. Not that you’re going to of course, but this position means that your furry friend is more than happy living in your home.

Super dog

If your puppy lies on the ground in a pose that reminds you of Superman while flying, you have an energetic little thing that’s more than ready to open his eyes and spring into action. A ball bouncing by him might be enough to get him onto his paws and into a playful mood even if he’s snoring on the kitchen floor and looks like he’s well at peace with the world.

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