Solar Eclipse set to be hampered by weather conditions | Friday 20 March

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Thos looking forward to Friday's Solar Eclipse could be set to face disappointment as the Met Office has forecast a significant amount of cloud cover. The morning is expected to be overcast meaning that clouds could get in the way for many keen sky gazers.

The UK is set to experience a partial Solar Eclipse in which 90% of light will be dimmed as the moon passes between us and the Sun. The eclipse is set to begin just after 8.30am when the moon will start creeping across the sun and is expected to peak at about 9.30am when daylight will be at its' lowest levels.

A spokesperson for the Met Office has dampened any hope that views of the eclipse will be unimpeded saying "At the moment we are expecting most of the UK to be overcast on Friday morning when the eclipse is due to take place." This comes as a huge disappointment given an eclipse of this nature has not been seen in this part of the world since 1999.

However, not all is bad, as meteorologist Kirk Waite indicated that certain parts of the country may experience less cloud cover than others at the vital moment. He said "Conditions for Friday’s eclipse look quite promising for the Midlands, West and western Scotland, with the best of the clear skies."

Patrons are being reminded that should cloud cover dissipate and the eclipse become visible, it is important not to look directly at the event with the naked eye. Even trying to look at the eclipse through the expected cloud cover can cause substantial damage to a person's eyes so take care to not glance directly at the sun.

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