Spanish magazine publishes topless images of Julie Gayet

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A Spanish magazine has added to the controversy surrounding Julie Gayet by publishing a few topless shots of the French actress. She will probably won't have too much of a sense of humour and might even go to court. She's already engaged in a legal battle with Closer magazine over reports of her alleged affair with François Hollande so she's no stranger to fighting the press.

Celebrity publication Interviu printed the snaps of the 41 year old in its weekend edition. The images were taken in 1998 so they're nothing new but the magazine’s editorial notes that “Looking at her 15-years later we can see that her looks and her body have not lost a shred of its beauty.”

The publication has printed several very revealing shots of the actress taken when she was 26 years old in the hope that they can take advantage of the publicity around Gayet and Hollande’s alleged fling which was first reported by Closer magazine in a seven page article. There was widespread condemnation of the Closer magazine article that broke the story but that didn’t stop that edition of the magazine flying off the shelves in the actress’s home country. In the end thousands of additional copies had to be made to meet the demand.

Carla Bruni, the wife of the Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, was also subject to the same sort of press intrusion when she became first lady so we’re not surprised that these images have surfaced.

Hollande and Gayet’s alleged affair is making a lot of headlines in their native country and a few ripples abroad too. The president was asked a few awkward questions about it during his trip to Holland. Some of the questions concerned the health of his partner Valérie Trierweiler who’s been hospitalised during the last week.

"Valérie Trierweiler is doing better and resting at the moment at La Lanterne," Francois Hollande said, referring to the official residence in Versailles. "I don't have any other comment to make," he added.

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