Speeding car crashes into house turning into fireball in Doncaster

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Two people are dead with a third person fighting for their life after the car they were travelling in turned into a fireball after smashing into a house. The incident took place in Branton, just outside Doncaster, and South Yorkshire Police are hunting two more people who they believe were also in the vehicle.

The crash took place shortly after noon today and eye witnesses reported seeing the car in question weave in and out of traffic at high speed prior to bursting into flames upon impact. Witnesses also saw two men flee the crash scene shortly after the car burst into flames.

The area has been cordoned off and is currently being investigated by forensic experts to gather all available evidence. The men that fled the scene could be badly injured and Police are also keen to question them in the hopes of getting more information about the circumstances leading up to the crash.

One couple were overtaken by the car right before the horror smash and shocked passenger Tracey Jackson recounted "My husband was really angry because it nearly caused us to crash and the five of them in the car were swearing at my husband as they past us. Next thing we saw a massive plume of smoke come up before we turned the corner and realised that the car had hit a bollard in the middle of the road, lost control and crashed into the side of this house."

Jackson added "The driver got out of the car and was on fire, he was bleeding on his back and came shouting that he was going to get scars. Two other people got out of the car and fled but they looked badly injured and one of them had a very severe injury on his leg." A Police statement said "A number of people are believed to have suffered serious injuries during the collision."

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