Start Lent strong by giving up these things for 40 days

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With pancake Tuesday wrapping up, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday marking the start of Lent. This is the beginning of a 40-day fast for many religious and spiritual people around the world who take this time to refocus one's life and cleanse themselves of superfluous or unhealthy habits.

Some of the most common things people give up for Lent are sweets, alcohol and smoking which your body undoubtedly thanks you for. But there are many other things that are worth considering if none of these are regular habits that you need a break from.

Nowadays it is near impossible to go an entire day without logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media. While it may seem impossible, see if you can free yourself from the obsession of logging in for 40 days. If giving up all social media sounds impossible, choose the one that you visit the most and see if you can make it.

Not only is social media a problem, but media in general is stealing hours of our lives. There is a never ending list of must see TV series that are easy to binge watch. But before you know it hours, days, weeks disappear while we are busy sitting in front of a screen, not living in the present. Try to go 40 days without watching TV and instead spend it with real life friends going out for a coffee or meeting them for a walk. Have conversations with real people rather than fictional characters.

Stop being negative for 40 days. It creeps in when we aren’t looking and often the gloomy February weather doesn’t help, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Get rid of the negative thoughts that often lead to depression and start exercising and getting full nights of sleep. Continually check your thoughts and switch the negative thoughts into something positive. If you are stuck in rush hour traffic, rather than having road rage, take the time to enjoy the alone time and take in the surroundings.

Most importantly, if you slip up one of the days during your fast, don’t give up. Tomorrow is a new day that offers a fresh start. Start again and keep your head up.

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