State Trooper takes 4 children under his wing for Halloween before breaking the news that their parents died

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Halloween is an exciting for children as they dress up in fun costumes and try and fill up their buckets with sweets from neighbors. Unfortunately for one family in Georgia, Halloween night turned into a tragedy with a little ray of light.

On October 31, parents Donald and Crystal Howard were headed out to buy face paint for their children but were involved in an SUV crash which took both of their lives. They left 4 children behind, Justin, Amaya, Damien and Travion who are all between the age of 6 and 13.

3 State Troopers arrived at their doorstep to tell the family and were greeted by “...a 13-year-old Freddy Krueger, 10-year-old daughter of a Dracula, 8-year-old wizard and a 6-year-old that appeared to be a fire fighting ninja turtle." The children said that their parents would be back soon.

One of the officers Nathan Bradley contacted the next closest relative Stephanie Oliver who is their paternal grandmother and lives 7 hours away in Florida. Because the grandmother wouldn’t arrive until early the next morning, Officer Bradley asked for permission to take the children until she arrived and wait to tell them about the tragedy until the next day so that they would “relate the tragedy to November 1st rather than Halloween.” He said, ‘I just couldn’t bear to break the news to them. I wanted to keep their minds as occupied as possible. The whole purpose was to preserve their halloween.”

The first thing he did was take them out for burgers and milkshakes and the out trick or treating. The children would have had to stay wait in the county jail for their grandmother but Officer Bradley took them under his wing for the night. Ms. Oliver told 11 Alive News, “He took care of my kids when they needed him.”

The 25-year-old officer also set up a GoFundMe page for the family which is to cover the funeral expenses and the children’s further education. So far people have donated over £230,000.

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