Storm Emily to hit Britain with blizzards in run up to Christmas

On Thursday, Britain faces a new weather system that’s going to bring 100mph winds during the run up to Christmas day. It’s been given the soft and feminine name of Emily, but it won’t be unassuming and quiet when it arrives. You can expect turned over trees and tiles off the roof as Storm Emily wreaks havoc across the UK.

The Met Office has issued a yellow alert for the north-west of the country, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and they’ve advised that travel will be disrupted in those areas. Over time the storm might not restrict itself to the areas the Met Office are warning about as there’s a strong chance that it could travel across the south and east of the country, which would mean more devastation to areas recovering from the recent flooding.

The causes of the unsettled weather are low pressure systems gathering across the north Atlantic between Iceland and Britain. Emma Corrigan from the Met Office explained: “Through today there's currently a low pressure system out to the north east that's why we have that strong wind warning out today. Winds potentially up to 80 mph which could bring some disruption to travel and outdoor activities. The winds do ease overnight but from tomorrow there's another low pressure area up to the north west.”

For now, the south-east will experience mild weather, “Through today there's potential for seeing up to 12C to 13C in the South,” Ms Corrigan said. “'The coldest temperatures will be up in Scotland tonight, where temperatures could drop to freezing.”

Unsettled conditions are going to remain throughout the build-up to the big day so expect disruptions on the roads and delays with public transport. Weather news like this is starting to become the norm for Britain’s winters. We’d rather be reporting snow for Christmas, but that seems pretty unlikely.

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