Tesco forced to recall Squash drinks due to bad stench and vomiting

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Tesco have been forced to recall all bottles of its' Double Strength Apple and Blackcurrant Squash drinks. The drinks have been taken off shelves at Tesco stores nationwide and the supermarket is offering refunds on all bottles even without a receipt.

The recall is due to a foul smell omitted when the drinks were opened by unsuspecting customers. According to PlayPennies.com, Tesco have confirmed that “foreign bodies” were discovered in some batches and an investigation is underway to identify the cause. The website got in touch with Tesco's Customer Service Department which confirmed that all 750ml and 1.5l bottles of both squash drinks have been removed from shelves.

Tesco also told PlayPennies.com that all customers that purchased the drinks are encouraged to return the bottles to their nearest Tesco store and receipt of purchase is not necessary in this instance. UK customers have been busy posting in online forums about the drinks with "foul smelling" and "stench" being used to describe the drink.

Many also have reported that the drinks do not taste any better than they smell with some using the term disgusting to capture the taste experienced. One Twitter user, @woody69615, tweeted the supermarket chain saying "@Tesco my pregnant girlfriend has been drinking your apple and blackcurrant all weekend unaware this was was causing her to be sick".

The @Tesco Twitter account has been quite busy reassuring customers that the drinks pose no threat to consumer's health. One response to a distressed customer read "Hi Anne, the Apple & Blackcurrant squash is recalled due to a quality issue with one of the flavourings, no health risk." @rjhsteel2001 captured the ire of Tesco customers by stressing "Why aren't you telling everyone about this? Nothing on your site and online atm....found out via Facebook!!!!".

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