The Highly Debated Black/Blue or Gold/White Dress has Returned but now as a Halloween Costume

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Blue and black or gold and white? That was the great internet debate this year that tore friends and families apart. Thank you Tumblr user Swiked for asking what color the dress was back in February and igniting this very important debate.

Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Kanye and Kim made sure to have their opinions as well. #dressgate exploded on Twitter and people who saw one set of colours became flabbergasted as to how anyone could see the dress any other way. The Internet world became torn and then eventually everyone forgot about it.

Well this dress has come back to haunt us this Halloween whether we like it or not. And indeed people will either love the idea or hate it. For those that love the idea and want to start the debate all over again you will be glad to hear that the online retailer Roman is selling the original debated dress for £20.

If you want a hotter and sexier version of the dress for this Halloween, visit the U.S. Costume Company Yandy online for £30.89. Half of the dress is in the black and blue pattern and the other half in white and gold. Free panties are also included.

This is the perfect costume for a conversation starter if you are looking for an outfit that everyone seems to have an opinion about. Maybe you will even change your mind once you see it first hand.

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